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I'm not an elite/professional athlete, how can psychological skills training help me?

Sport and performance psychology is not just for elite athletes but is increasingly critical for high-level performers. The higher the level in sport, the smaller the difference in athleticism. However, even at the youth level, mentality matters. Even if you are not an athlete, if mindset plays a role in your performance, it should be train and Elite Mentality can help.

I don't have any psychological problems or struggling, why would I need a mental performance specialist?

You don't have to be sick to get better. Do you have a problem if you train a personal trainer? Absolutely not! You want to condition your body to perform better. The same is true with your mind. Elite Mentality can identify areas for improvement as well as things you do well in an effort to optimize your performance on a consistent basis--regardless of the situation.

Why are you a Certified Mental Performance Consultant and not a Sport Psychologist?

In order to be a Psychologist you have to have a counseling or clinical psychology background. Psychologists diagnose and treat illnesses. Brett Sandwick, Elite Mentality's CEO and Founder, has a Master's of Science in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. His specialty is to give mental techniques to improve mindset. He is a Certified Consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, the governing body of sport psychology.

What does Elite Mentality have to offer me?

As a performer, you don't leave physical conditioning and skills to chance, you train the physical aspects in a systematic way. Don't leave your mindselt to chance, which is a large percentage of your performance. Just like physical training, mental skills take practice to perfect. Elite Mentality has a wide variety of techniques that help target areas for improvement so you have the confidence to accomplish your goals.